Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Super Supper Salads!

The Headlines:

I love salads!  

Salads work for dinner or sides.

They're filling, (mostly) healthy, bundles of goodness!

BP (my husband) has been eating healthier in 2014.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.  Because of that and just because I love them… salads are kind of my go-to meal many nights.  Last night, we had a yummy kale salad that I'd heard about for years.  It's made at True Foods, a local Arizona restaurant, and they actually put the recipe on line.  Super great!  If you want to check it out click here… it comes out just like the picture you'll see.  Even BP was impressed!  Anyhow, I think you can be super creative with salads.  You can put things, perhaps a little unexpected, in them and it almost always turns out fine.

As always, I like to work with the season at hand.  Meaning, it's Christmas and I like the idea of working pomegranate seeds into the salad.  Summer, to me, screams watermelon or perhaps blueberries!  Spring I can work with apples, eggs and avocados!  Today, I have one super salad that can be a supper.  Plus one that can accompany a supper.  Here they both are…

Creamy Egg (on top) Salad
Blue Cheese Apple Salad

One is a creamy, dinner salad with egg, olives and avocado (plus bacon if you want) … the other is more of a side salad that would go with anything from steak to soup and sandwiches!  Both are excellent, just different.

The first, as you (may) know I love putting eggs on everything!  So, when trying to come up with a new salad for us - of course - I thought of an egg!  I've never done it before but as I've seen it in restaurants and it's always intrigued me.  I wanted this salad to be rich on taste so I included:  a kale/spinach/chard mix, fried egg, avocado, a few onions,  a few tomatoes, black olives and some grated parmesan.  I chopped all the ingredients first

and then fried the egg.  I think it may actually be the first time I fried an egg, I much prefer scrambled!

As expected, it was easy.  Once I fried the egg, I grated the parm on top and added some Italian dressing.  It was delicious, all the flavors unified really well.  But as we ate it I told BP bacon on top would really make the dish!  Seriously, a little crumbled bacon would have been glorious on it.  Not bacon bits.  I curse bacon bits.  So horrible.  Just fry a couple pieces of the real stuff, crumble it and you're in business!

Then when you eat it, rip into that egg yolk and your dining adventure has begun!!

It was major yummy!  Now, the next salad is used as a side for supper.  It begins with spinach, chopped apple, onions, blue cheese, tomatoes and if you'd like to add some sunflower seeds - go for it!  Everyone seems to love this salad as a side.

If you despise blue cheese (unbelievably you're out there!) you can substitute with almost anything else, just not cheddar.  A hunk of warm brie could be really cool on this… but I just happen to love blue cheese!  Then I top it with my fabulous Italian/ranch dressing and we're in business!  If you're unclear on what that is… search "fake make your salad dressing" on this blog!

Then alas, if none of these float your boat… make your own.  Like I said, it's really hard to mess up a salad if you

  •  have a great dressing
  •  cut everything small (no large onions or tomatoes) 
  •  add ingredients you love!  
Have a super supper salad!

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