Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Get your Golf Party-on!

The Headlines:

It's time for a boy's birthday party.

Theme: golf

My son turned 3 recently.  I love planning parties and the two men in my family love golf so we decided to combine the 2 and do a golf party.  I like themes for parties but I'm not a huge cartoon theme party person.  Meaning, I don't usually do theme parties like "Toy Story" or "Sponge Bob…" I like to make up my own.

As I've said before, every great party, starts out with a cool invite.  I really liked mine this year.  I bought green cards and green gingham tape.  I love that stuff… it's everywhere now and so easy to work with!  I applied the tape and glued a Tee to the front.

Then I hit the computer to make up the inside.  As I did, I realized how lame I was having a golf party at age 3.  The word FORE makes it a perfect 4 year old party… so I made fun of it.  Not sure if you can see it below but it said:
Hudson turn three
(we see the irony)
But join us anyways 
So we can par-tee!

I thought I was quite funny… but then again, I always do!  The rest just gave party details: 
Tee Off: date/time
Leader: Hudson
Location: HP
(the Phoenix Open here in town is played at the TPC)
To reserve a foursome: call me
Again, I laughed at it.  Hope someone else did too!

Then I used that gingham tape again.  So cute!

After the invite, the next thing to figure out is the cake.  This, of course, is a big deal to the party person!  Every year, I buy my cakes and then morph them into what I want. Like this.

The idea was a golf ball lying on some grass.  I went to Albertson's… my go to cake (grocery) store.  Their cakes are really good.  Like, surprisingly so… anyways, I ordered a half (chocolate) sheet which they frosted green.  It's the dirt and grass of the "golf course."  Then I bought another quarter sheet in a white cake.  I cut that into a circle.  A lid guided me.  Then some of the side leftovers I stacked on top of the circle to make it appear more round, like a ball, and frosted it.

Once I was done I put it in the fridge a few hours to harden, took it out, grabbed a Tee and pressed the top of it into the cake so it got those round, circle divots, like a golf ball!  Then I placed it on top of the grass cake.

The top worked perfectly.  The sides were too sticky (perhaps they didn't get cold enough, I'm not sure) so there were no little circle shapes in that area.  I am not the perfect froster.  I don't do the crumb layer and make everything totally perfect.  For me, that's okay.  I like it to look like I had some part in making it!  Not like it came from the bakery.

We decided to add the Tees in the form of a "3"… and also that's brown sugar on the very bottom.  It hides that awful cake tray and it looks like sand on the "course"!

All in all, it looked really cute.  I was happy with it.

Okay, now the actual party.  First of all, my family dressed like golfers.  Not hard to do since they all are… except me.  But I think I looked the part too.  No pictures.  Sorry.  I tend to forget about those.  Once kids arrived I put them in sunglasses to get them in the mood!

Yes, they were "Teenage Mutant Turtles" brand but you could barely see that!  When everyone was pretty much here we started to play our games.  The first one - guess how many golf balls are in the jar (some parents helped with that).  Good game and, you know me, I always love big jars filled with stuff!

Second - a putting game of course.  Third -  a "hole in one.." you could do this with anything but I used our pool net hole.  The kid who came closest to throwing the ball in the hole, won! We gave suckers as prizes but the main prize was given to the child who came closest to getting the right number of golf balls in the jar.  A girl nabbed that prize!  Not bad!

The snack table was fun!

Everything had a special "theme" name!  These aren't hard to come up with if you just take a couple minutes to think of them.  For instance,

"Hudson Approved Golf Balls" were simply rice crispy treats rolled into balls.
We had a Par-Tee dip.

"Holes in One…" this, by far, was the most popular with the kids!

A "Water Hazard"…


Fairway Fruit. 

I also did "Hudson Approved Golf Sticks" which were some veggie sticks.  

Finally, there was a 19th hole for adults only.  I''m not a golfer so I didn't get it…  but there is no 19th hole on a golf course - it's what they call the bar.  Once I understood I thought it was awesome!

For real food, we just grilled!  It was loads of fun and when it was done each child left with, what else… some golf balls!  

Golf party in the books.  Check.  I mean, Bogie.  Or Birdie.  Or fore.  Whatever, you know what I mean!

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