Monday, February 3, 2014

Really? What DO S-A-H-Ms do all day?

The Headlines:

I am busy everyday.  

I have no "official" job.  

SO what am I doing?

Today I have no fabulous cocktail, decorating tip, remodeling plan, no yummy dish for dinner.  I got nothing.  This is one of those days in which I can barely get this blog post out.  If you're a mom who stays home you know what I'm talking about.  It cracks me up because, what am I doing everyday?  What in the world takes so much of my time?  It's absurd.  I stay at home.

I know if you're a "working" mom… as in a career woman… you are absolutely thinking the same thing!  You are always wondering what it is that we're doing in our house, all day, everyday.  You're probably thinking, women like me need to "invent" things for themselves to do… like write a blog!  And perhaps that's true for some.  For me, I just really craved the (creative) writing I missed from being out of TV.  But, in all honesty,  I find it hard to keep up with it most days.  I do it because I like it.

A few years ago when I was working full time I remember trying to get a hold of some of my "mom" friends when I was commuting or on an exercise walk and never being able to reach them.  I always thought…. why?  What are they doing all day?  Can they not answer the phone to speak?  Is it really that time consuming?  I remember thinking, if I stayed at home all day, I would be soooo on top of everything.  I'd get loads done.  My house would be spotless, I'd have tons of food in the fridge all the time.  I would host huge play dates every week.  Wow.  The things I could accomplish…

So now that I'm home, what happened to that theory?  Oh, it's gone.  I'm now one of those moms who can barely talk on the phone (unless I'm on an exercise walk)…. because while I talk my son won't stop talking or he's "fir-sty"… or crying or… fill in the blank.  It's just too hard!  Yep, I'm one of those moms who can't go out for a girls night too often because I've got kids to either A) watch while their dad's out of town or out to dinner or B) I need to run someone to dance or tennis or girls scouts.  I am also one of those moms whose car has gold fish in every nook and cranny.  Yes, I'm the SAHM who sometimes has to remind herself to wash her hair… or NOT wear the same yoga pants 3 days in a row!  What is UP with that?  Really, a stay at home mom who has trouble finding time to SHOWER?  Who are we kidding?

No one.  I am dead serious.  We are busy all day, everyday.  What is it that we do?  For that answer I guess I need to refer to the title again.  Stay at home MOM.  Most key word being mom.  Which comes with a lot of duties.  So as far as what I'm doing all day, everyday, it's being a mother to my two delightful and blessed children.  In no particular order and at no particular time, I am: playing, running, serving, driving, scheduling, cleaning, helping, wiping… being a mom.  And because of that, I guess I don't always have the time to do all the other stuff that I want to do and that's okay.

Because I chose this.  I decided to be a MOM who stayed at home.  I had a full time job and I liked this more.  When I wanted to have kids I decided I needed to wait until I was ready to be selfless.  As an only child myself, I was probably used to being more selfish.  I knew I had to throw that out the window when I had kids.  Not lose my sense of self mind you… but give some of it up.  For them.  It was not that hard to do.  Why?  Simple.  When I roll over in the morning (yes, I'm ALSO the mom who lets her son climb into her bed almost every night at one point)… I hear "I lub you mommy…" and see an adorably, cute scrunched up smile… it makes it all worth while.

I Thank God I was able to stay at home and whittle away everyday, not knowing exactly what I do, where the time went and if anything substantial was accomplished... I wouldn't take it back for the entire world.  I have no idea what stay at home moms do all day… and that, my friends, is the job!!!

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