Friday, February 21, 2014

Time for Fast Food.

The Headlines:

Sometimes, a mom needs a break!

That's when I call in for reinforcements.

Fast food.  Shhhhhh...

When my daughter was 4 years old… she went through one of these for the first time...

Can you see it?  Do you know what it is?  That would be a fast food microphone thingy.  I was pregnant and craving a fast food fix.  It was at this time my daughter asked what in the world we were doing?  Perplexed... I proceeded to tell her we were going to do something we had never done before and she may actually really like it!  I explained the process of "fast food"… i.e.: "you first tell people, via a microphone,  what you want to eat from their menu, then you drive around, give them money and kinda like magic, it comes out the other side."  She thought that was way cool.  It was just like that, in an instant, the Taco Bell drive through experience was born.

Now - let me back up.  It has clearly been established that I am Picky on this blog.  All 10 of you reading it now know that!  Part of that pickiness extends to what I feed my children day in and day out.  I really do care about that.  It's a priority for me and it has been since they were born.  I was one of those determined moms who breast fed their babies for as long as possible.  With my daughter I did it (though down to once a day) until she was one.  That was hard since I went back to work, the milk really slowed.  I was seriously taking about 5 fenugreek pills a day.  Plus pumping.  What a joy that was, huh?  Oh the times I did that in the newsroom bathroom.  What a surprise greeted some random ladies when they walked in - Hello Nicole!  My son I fed (not all day everyday but here and there) until he was about two.  I know, I know… he was very attached.  Literally.  

Moving on…

It didn't end there.  From the start, their diets became mostly organic.  I vary it up with fruit, vegetables, quinoa, pasta, eggs, salmon, hummus, chicken,  I could go on… trust me they have some occasional goldfish and all - but for the most part they're super healthy.  Oh, except for salami and those gummies from Costco my son insists on - it's like his life line!  Anyways, every night I come up with simple, healthy, tasty things to serve them.  Some of those recipes have been highlighted here and some are not blog worthy.  They're just too easy.  Possibly even insulting to some of you.  Heck, most of you are probably better in the kitchen than me.  Let's be honest.

But sometimes… when you're in the middle of remodeling or moving or having a baby… you just gotta do it!  You have to order fast food.  It isn't organic, it's not good for you but it is food in the belly.  I choose to believe that the best fast food for my particular purpose is Taco Bell bean burritos.

They're compact, easy to handle, simple to eat, they come with their own "plate" and condiments. Oooooo and the Taco Bell Mild Sauce makes my mouth water!

Best condiment ever!

What more could you want?  Besides, well, the obvious. There is only tortilla, cheese, beans, onions and sauce in this baby.  No crazy meat or fried whatever… it's practically harmless.

Not to mention, the only fast food we do.  With the exception of an occasional In & Out visit when grandparents are in town or a french fry stop on a road trip.  It is a real treat and, for me, a necessary one!

Am I a bad parent?  No.  Everything in moderation… we do it maybe once, tops, twice a month.  I am not creating food monsters.  Really.  But that is a slippery slope.  Don't let it be a "gateway" food.  Taco Bell burritos lead to McDonald's chicken nuggets which lead to Arby's whatever sandwiches or Burger King's - ah - burgers.  I guess.  I really don't know fast food.  It could easily happen.  It almost did happen to me.

One day, about a year plus ago, we were in a major hurry.  In between dance recitals for my daughter.  We had a few precious minutes to shove some food in her mouth and go back to the theatre where she was performing so I offered to go to McDonald's and get her some fries and a cheeseburger.  You know what she said?  NO THANKS, I'll just take a Garden Burger at home.  Lesson learned.  Now, that's my kind of fast food.


  1. Do you know the calorie count on those??? If I'm in a hurry-- I get a hamburger happy meal... the calories are not that bad with kids meals!! :)

  2. Hey Constance… sorry - not used to comments! I have no idea what the calorie count is… i'm not a calorie counter - that's another blog! heee heeee!


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