Monday, February 24, 2014

Put a CORK in it!

The Headlines:

Preserve a memory.

Family, friends or loves.

Make this…

Can I just say that I love giving gifts.  At the same token, I forget everyone's birthday.  All the time.  It's a huge problem.  It has happened, on more than one occasion, that I have actually been talking, on the phone, to a birthday person but have not wished them a Happy Birthday.  I find out later and feel like a tool.  So lame.  Now that these I Phones are out, I think, with their calendar, I will be better.  At least one can hope.

However, with all of that said… I do really like giving gifts.  But not necessarily expensive, high maintenance ones (though sometimes those are warranted too don't get me wrong)… instead, gifts (I often refer to as prizes) that come from the heart.  Something that person wouldn't necessarily think to get themselves.  The only problem is… sometimes those are hard to come up with… actually, they always are!  It takes some thoughtful peace and quiet.  As moms, that's hard to come by… I usually get it during my walks (part of my exercise "regime" - if you could call it that).

Anyways, enough chatter… this is my latest idea.

Obviously, it's a key chain.  I've been without one for a while… so when BP (my husband) and I opened up a special bottle of wine on New Year's Eve - we decided the cork could be used for more than just holding that wine in… it would make a nice key chain.  Every time I got in my car, I would
remember the night: the wine, the company, the conversation.   I loved it!

Great idea.  I just never did it.  Does that ever happen to you?  Please say yes, I need some validation here.

Fast forward to now and I'm planning another Mom's W"h"ine party.  I decided I really needed to put the above plan into action.  I went to Michael's and bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need and then BP took over.  I love that guy!  Thank God I married him.  Literally, I do that everyday.  Anyways, all he did was get the corks (which we have a ton of), buy some of these doo- dads at Home Depot...

and then he used the one legit purchase (key rings) that I bought from Michael's.  He attached the rings to the doo-dads and screwed/twisted that into the cork.  Done.  We made a bunch!

For my purposes, on this next occasion, they'll be used as take-away prizes after the party.  But I much prefer the idea to go beyond that - for it to mean more.  For instance: you and a friend have a great bottle of wine while watching your favorite chick flick which brings you to tears and a great conversation - key chain it!  The man of your dreams brings you chinese food, roses and a beautiful bottle of Zinfandel - key chain it!  Your mom and dad take you to dinner for your 21st birthday and you taste your first Rose - key chain it!

Bottom line: as long as you didn't have too much - that bottle of wine helped make a memorable night - so put a cork in it!  Simple, easy, thoughtful.  Cheers! 

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