Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pallet Coffee Table - take 2

The Headlines:

I wanted a pallet coffee table.

My husband made me one.


I am Picky.  If you're reading this, then that has already been established.   So it may not surprise you that BP (my husband) and I had to make a coffee table twice before I got it right.  Let me back up.  Last Fall we took a pallet and turned it into a table.  I was excited about it and better yet, my husband was jazzed to do it.  It looked like this…

I really liked it but it was just too heavy for the room.  It needed an adjustment.  So I very carefully suggested that we detach the bottom pallet and just make it a single layer.  I thought my husband would flip… but he didn't.  He agreed.  After a few months trying to 
  1. Find the pallet.
  2. Find the time. 
  3. Find the supplies
Here is the new table:

He didn't take off the bottom pallet.  He just started from scratch.
End result: it works way better for the room.  Ultimately, the reason why he was okay with the whole thing was because the project was just so stinking easy.  This is how easy.

  1. He found a pallet.  
  2. Attached "legs".  
  3. Sanded some edges because they were a tad rough.  
  4. Primed it.  
  5. Painted it 
  6. Stuck it in our house for a month.  
  7. Once I was really sure it was the right thing… I found a glassmaker who cut me glass to match the top.  

We laid the piece (1/4 inch thick, non-tempered) on and I took these pictures.  It was crazy easy and I really like it.  Here's a couple different views!

So I guess all is well that ends well.  It pays to be picky.  Onto the next project!

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