Monday, February 10, 2014

Egg - It's What's for Dinner!

The Headlines:

Eggs are healthy and yummy.

So put them on almost anything.

Dinner is served!

I have never been that much of an egg eater.  I'm not sure why… growing up I think I ate cereal almost every morning of my life.  Maybe a waffle here or there (with maple syrup and ice cream when my mom wasn't looking - seriously!) but eggs were never really on the menu.

Fast forward to being a grown up and really… nothing changed.  Why would it?  We are a product of our environment, right?  Until one day, everything for me changed.  I was trying to get pregnant with my second child.  That is a whole other crazy, long story but let me just cut to the chase for this blog post's purpose… in order to get pregnant one of the things I did was change the way I ate.  I began to eat "fertility foods"  and one of those, a big one as a matter of fact… eggs.

I ate a lot of eggs.  Almost every morning, eggs.  I started to really like their taste.  Eggs get an undeserved bad rap.  I, on the other hand, want to thanks eggs (and a few other things)… for my baby boy.  Yes, the fertility food worked.  Now, not only do I have a love for a little boy but I have developed a love of eggs.  Our family eats a lot of them.  And not just for breakfast.  

They are such a versatile food!  Not convinced?  I'll show you… here are some ideas: 

  1. Of course we do egg burritos at night.  My kids happen to love them.  Add some veggies like bell peppers and/or spinach, salsa and cheese and they're good to go!  
  2. But what about stir fry?  MY kids INHALE stire fry!  Next time, when you make this for your family… right before you're almost finished with it…  throw one or two eggs in, stir and serve it up!  It adds a little something to it and brings on the protein!

3.  I've already given you my egg lasagna recipe on this blog.  If you haven't seen or made it - it's so easy and to DIE for (no pasta involved)!  Search this blog for the recipe or click on the "Food" label to the right side of this blog.  We're talking major yum!

4.  Eggs are also awesome inside muffin tins.  You barely even need a recipe for these things.  Seriously, just make it up as you go!  For the egg muffins… line the muffin tin with bacon (or salami or that matter) crack an egg, add some tiny cut up tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms or whatever you choose and bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

5.  Then there's baked egg tomatoes… same kind of deal.  Hollow out large, round tomatoes and cut a tiny slice on the bottom so they stand up right.  Then fill them with egg, chives, cheese… whatever you want and throw them in a paper lined baking dish… bake at 350 for 25 minutes or… when they look done.  I added a rice/bacon side dish for a complete meal!  Kid approved!

6.  Finally, something I've been doing lately -  adding eggs to my pasta dishes.

I feed pasta to my kids almost once a week… they love it… most kids do.  But there's no protein in pasta and red sauce so it needs a little something extra.  Sometimes I add meat or fish… but other times I throw in a few eggs to my pasta sauce.  I usually start with a store bought sauce but I add extra olive oil, seasoning and canned tomatoes.  It looks like this on the stove top.

Until I add some egg... and it begins to get creamier.

I just stir in that egg right in and it becomes a rich, creamy, decadent dream dinner!  Even my kids FRIENDS eat it!  Then, you know you're on to something - because you can't threaten others peoples kids, ha!  Really, I am kidding.

SO there ya have it!  Six egg dinner ideas.  Try one tonight!  It will be eggs-cellent!

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