Monday, February 17, 2014

Decisions, decisions!

The Headlines:

Today we begin some more remodeling.

Decisions, decisions!

So our painter is now healthy and in our house painting.  God Bless her!  The poor thing was sick all last week with the stomach flu.  But she's great, we've used her for multiple houses over the years.  Anyways, this is officially kicking off  the remodeling process again.  I love that!  I am now thinking about the next step, after paint is done.  The floors.  Trust me, I didn't just start thinking about this… it has been a work in progress for a while.

Half of it, is easy.  We're putting the same paint and dark wood floors we have in the rest of the house, in our master, closets and office.  For the most part, it now has this brown carpet in it.

The carpet is not only in the master… but the closets and the...

bathroom!  Isn't that fun!?  Yea...

I think it was the late 90's perhaps when this was popular.  But the carpet seemed very new when we moved in 2 years ago so I'm pretty sure they put it in a lot later than that… hmmmmmm.  No judgement.  Just different strokes.  I - ahem - am picky!  In any case, this is the sticking point.  Do we continue with the dark wood in the bath or do I put a type of tile in it.  Remember, my style is defined as "Desert Cottage" and I really don't like most tiles out there right now.  For some reason they look too Tuscan or too dated to me.  But I'm a little worried about wood floors near the bath, shower and doors to our outside pool/spa.  Not to mention - we will be completely re-doing our shower and bath with all new tile sooner than later.  That could rip up the, rather expensive tile - strike that - incredibly expensive tile, we'd be installing.  Actually, I think I just made my decision.  

Yep, at this point, I'm leaning towards the wood.  We can easily buy a little extra in case something goes awry with that shower remodel.  But that's today.  It could all change tomorrow.

I have, fortunately,  come up with a tile for my daughter and son's bathrooms.  They are smaller bathrooms…

Boy Bathroom

Girl Bathroom
So I think they can handle this brick type tile below.  I will be combining 4 colors.  It makes me nervous simply because there are no real pictures of anyone doing that, that I know of… the company typically markets/sells it all together, in one color.  I like the idea of combining the colors so it looks more like real brick.  Now I just need to decide the pattern I want them to lay down.  This, below, or the more chevron type pattern.  To be determined.  

Alright, that is all for today.  I am super excited to get this party started.  It's a lot of planning, number crunching, instinct and debate but I love it all!  As long as I… love it all when it's finished.  Gulp.     

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